Becoming a high-performing hybrid team is not a quick journey! Heck becoming a high-performing team is elusive enough :) but in this article we will talk about how you can use asynchronous communication as a hybrid team to find your flow, unlock new levels of productivity and achieve new heights.

First up, it’s important to say that as with team building and performance development of any kind, there is no finish line, no one has “cracked it” all the time. Performance is not linnear….it’s a river that ebbs, flows, meanders and hits rapids. …

The Man Who Commuted Between Two Continents

Co-founder and COO

London |18th August | 2021

The #FlowSpaceMeets series will be focused on shining a spotlight on the innovative voices of our time affecting the future of work.

First up is our co-founder and inspirational leader: Hayri Demircapa. We have long been waiting for Hayri to sit down and share his story. He and his wife Idil have been busy recently welcoming their first child Leo to the world and adapting to life as a start-up-pappa — so he’s excused for it taking so long!

Life before FlowSpace:

Q: Tell us a bit about your work before FlowSpace and how that has influenced you…


FlowSpace unlocks a world of inspiring, hyper-local and flexible workspaces that serves the new hybrid workforce

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